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Why Fishing?

Just a little bit about me and why I got into the fishing business

When I was very little about five years old, I used to go down the canals, lakes and riverbanks with my dad. It all started off with me asking for some fishing gear one Christmas. My parents bought me a little bit of gear, a rod, reel, line, some floats, basket, maggots or worms and away I went.

Yes I used to get into the odd Bird’s nest or two (which took a long time to get out of), get snagged up on the opposite side of the bank, get caught up on my clothes and catch the occasional tree or two and I have fallen into the water once or twice.

You could say I was a bit of a calamity, when I was younger, but that was the fun of going fishing.  From that day onwards, I was ‘hooked for life’ and never looked back. This is where we got the inspiration for our logo because as you fishermen know, once you get into fishing, the sport is in your blood.

I started off asking for more and more fishing stuff off my parents and began increasing it year by year, as you do.  As the years went on and life and kids etc … my ‘hobbie’ kind of took a bit of a back seat.  Recently I bought a fishing pole to try out an alternative way of fishing as a pose to rod and reel.

I have found this method exciting having to get up and walk along the lakeside playing the fish after baiting up.  Keeping the fish on the line takes great skill and balance.

My biggest one to date is 15 lb.

Which is a great catch. Out of all the fishing I do, carp fishing is definitely one of the best fishing yet.

They are great fighters and lovely looking fish and that is why I have picked the picture in my logo. I will be looking in the future to get into the carp fishing sport further and buying all the equipment needed.

In recent years, I have been thinking long and hard about getting into the fishing niche and selling fishing gear online and on eBay. This will not only benefit myself in being able to get top quality fishing gear at low prices , but to also stock and supply all of my existing customers and give them fantastic deals.

In the meantime, browse the store, like us on Facebook, leave us your comments and let us know what you would like to see and share, share, share.

Until the next time, enjoy your sport!

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