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This all new Waverunner Shuttle bait boat is the latest addition to the Waverunner bait boat family.  Its designed with unique ‘features to it’s bigger brothers’ the Waverunner MK3 bait boat and the Waverunner Atom but on a much smaller scale.

It’s a very compact size so it can fit into your fishing bag, rucksack, carryalls to allow for easy transportation making this a ideal bait boat for them shorter fishing sessions and mobile angler’s on the move.

Designed with a long magnetic hopper that is ideal for a ‘ perfect rig presentation set up’ for ranges up to  400m long and with a bait capability of carrying 1kg of bait, which is most incredible for the size of the bait boat.

This Waverunner Shuttle is the ideal boat for ‘ new beginners to the sport or anglers looking for a compact bait boat ‘ that is easy to carry and lightweight, making this an ideal item for any angler.

Shuttle key Features:

  • Long rig friendly electromagnetic hopper
  • Remote boat light control from handset
  • LED boat Battery meter
  • Range 400m
  • Heavy duty balanced centrally located boat carrying handle
  • Failsafe mechanism when Out of Range
  • Patented hook release system
  • 1.5 hour running time
  • Catamaran hull design for ultimate stability
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Detachable weed guards
  • 1.5kg bait capacity
  • Handset battery low warning meter
  • Boat measurements 48cm x 30cm x 18cm


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