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Now with new improved lock up. Non-twist rear heads designed to fit Tru-Lok Banksticks, these Tru-Lok Gripper Heads can be attached and released quickly.

  • The unique shape holds rods during fast takes or high winds, yet allows easy striking.
  • Unique Kwik-Lok system enables bars and heads to be attached and aligned in seconds with no fear of working loose. Simply turn the thumbwheel to draw and lock bars into banksticks or buzzers/heads into buzzer bars. Everything tightens up in precise alignment.
  • Solid Brass hexagonal washer and thread under the head locates in the bar or bankstick to prevent any twisting.
  • Made from Silicone/Rubber for optimum grip and flex.
  • Manufactured in the UK – Beware of inferior imitations.

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Weight 90 g


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