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Come and experince the breathtaking looks and feel of this outstanding reel. Once you have picked it up and felt the weight of the magnesiun body and super features this reel has to offer, you will be lost for ‘words’ and describe this reel as a legendary reel with outstanding parts.

Its fantastic super slow oscillation speed combined with Shimano’s patent Aero Wrap 11 works great together ensuring excellent line layout resulting in awesome casting performance. Aslo the gear ratio 4:3:1 and retreve rate which is 102cm per clank makes light work when reeling your catch of the day in.


  • X Ship
  • One Piece Bail
  • Super Slow Oscillation (Moving very slow and forming almost parallel wraps of line.)
  • Aero Wrap II  ( This provides superb uniform line lay, reducing loss of energy during the cast)
  • Dyna Balance (Reducing wobble)
  • Instant Drag
  • One Speed Oscillation ( Spool moves at a consistent speed)
  • Super Stopper II ( Eliminates backwards movement and free play in the handle)


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