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Developed from our original Rolaball, the Longbase allows a longer ‘stroke’ so you can fit two or even three tubes of paste onto the table greatly increasing the speed you can roll the boilies out. The longer stroke also ensures that finished baits have a nice smooth, uniform round finish every time.

Made from high impact virgin A.B.S. to resist wear and tear, with integral rubber feet to reduce the table slipping in use. These long base tables have enabled many anglers to start rolling and experimenting their own baits.

Be sure to use the correct size sausage made from either a Rolling Table or a Sausage Gun.

  • Length=30cm, Width=15cm.

Available to roll baits from 12mm to 24mm diameter.

Rolaball 12mm
Rolaball 14mm
Rolaball 16mm
Rolaball 18mm
Rolaball 20mm
Rolaball 22mm
Rolaball 24mm

Additional information

Weight 600 g

Rolaball 12mm, Rolaball 14mm, Rolaball 16mm, Rolaball 18mm, Rolaball 20mm, Rolaball 22mm, Rolaball 24mm


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