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The new Covert Lead-Safe System allows carp and specialist anglers to construct simple, super safe, tangle free bolt rigs suitable for fishing on any venue or angling scenario, in which losing a lead would be unnecessary. Basically, if you?re fishing on a venue that has no significant weed or snags near your swim, ditching the lead is a waste of money and on many managed commercial venues it?s just not necessary.

The design of the Lead-Safe System is based on similar principles of a straight forward lead clip and tail rubber design. This most anglers understand as they have been available for many years, with the lead clip being retained by a standard size 8 swivel that clicks securely in place. Instead of mounting the lead on an external ?arm?, as used on a conventional lead clip systems (that allows the lead to discharge), the lead swivel is retained on the back of the system clip itself with a tail rubber. This means that in the event of a lost rig the lead/tail rubber can pull off the clip and run down the line so it?s still safe.

The friction/resistance created by the dedicated tail rubber (supplied), is perfect for general carp angling use and can be adjusted by simply changing how far you push the tail rubber onto the rear of the clip. Push the tail rubber right on to create maximum resistance for most fishing situations, where the fish is likely to bolt off after picking up the hookbait and pricking itself.

This functionality also makes the system extremely useful if you want to create a ?prick and release? style lead arrangement. With the tail rubber only just pushed onto the clip when a carp tightens the hooklink and pricks itself the lead can pop off the clip and run down the line at a predetermined force. This separation makes it almost impossible for the fish to use the weight of the lead to shake the hook out. This is a really regular occurrence on many waters where the carp prick themselves on an effective rig and then shake the lead off a conventional lead clip, meaning they get rid of the hook with the angler only receiving a few bleeps.

Another specialised application would be extreme range fishing in open water. Lead clips occasionally open out under the extreme force exerted by ultimate long range angling, but the design of the Lead-Safe system means this cannot happen.

We recommend adding a length of Covert Sinking Rig Tubing or Covert Tungsten Tubing pushed into the Tail Rubber to reduce the incidence of tangles, especially if you?re using a soft and supple hooklink material.

When using Covert Lead-Safe System clips with shock leaders (for extreme range fishing) it is worth doctoring the tail rubber (by trimming the narrow end) enlarging the central bore to ensure that it will pass easily over the leader knot allowing the lead to release from the leader.

  • Each pack contains 5 x Lead Safe clips and 5 x dedicated tail rubbers.
  • Available in 3 C-Thru camo colours (Green, Brown and Silt).

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