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The Beginning and where it all started


Where did it all start?
I have enjoyed fishing from such a young age (more years than I care to remember to be honest).  Spending many happy days sat by the bank side with my Dad.  I learnt a great deal from those days about the sport and have fond memories of those times.

We used to spend hours sat there, patiently waiting for a bite.  Dad would get the little gas stove going and cook us up some beans, eggs, sausages etc.  It was amazing the food that he would rustle up.  He would have a small metal kettle on the go and we would drink cups of tea while he was puffing on his cigarettes.


photo credit: Evesham Country Park – Country Walk – Fishing Lake via photopin (license)

These days I am lazy about these things.  I usually take a pile of sandwiches, some munchables (crisps, pasties, you get the idea) for throughout the day and a flask.

This was a long time ago and before I moved to Northumberland.  We used to fish together in a lovely spot on a great lake.  Back then, fishing tackle was readily available and there were tackle shops galore.

And Now?
Unfortunately though, maybe it was the recession, maybe the cost of living, but the smaller, local tackle shops began closing.  A lot of the ‘larger’ ones survived, however, the family run, customer focussed ones pulled down their shutters. They are still about, here and there, but not like they used to be.

This is why I decided to start selling fishing equipment and although we are not a regular ‘bricks and mortar’ business, we believe in running our business to deliver the best customer service possible and at the best prices we can.

We are a family run business and have children and pets and bills the same as everyone else does.  We thankfully don’t have the ‘business overheads’ so this helps with keeping low prices.  All that said, we do have a motto and one that we firmly stand by…

                                                                                                         ‘ Low Cost – High Value

                                                                                            Where Our Customers Always Count ‘

You will find this motto scattered about our site, on our Ebay store, on Facebook and in emails etc. as we believe that it’s a great motto and want to be recognised as being able to deliver exactly what we say we will.

Thanks for reading and we are available by contacting us here as we are always listening.
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